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SPACER Creatively staged and directed.

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"So excited to transfer the brainstorming sessions to the page. Need to catch up to Russ Scalzo who is already a number of songs deep. "Christmas, here we come!" Oh wait, wrong show!"
Director Rachel Ryan.


Belief Statement

Lighthouse Productions is a non-profit organization that believes first and foremost that "if we confess with our mouths Jesus is Lord and believe in our hearts God raised Him from the dead we will be saved." (Romans 10:9) We also believe that all followers of Jesus are His church and that we are one body in Him. We believe we are called to work together with our brothers and sisters in the Lord to spread His message of love, forgiveness and redemption. Jesus is our lighthouse, a beacon of light guiding us safely through a world that is often dark and stormy. It is that light that we wish to bring to you. It is a light of hope and love and joy and it can be yours just as easily as it is ours.

Purpose In Ministry

To nurture and utilize the gifts God has given us, so Christ can be glorified through us. To evangelize, making a difference for the cause of Christ, by bringing the Gospel through the very powerful media of musical theater and drama.

To teach others how to develop and use the gift or gifts God has given them so they might bear fruit and do the same. To recognize and develop leadership skills in others. To grow closer to Christ through serving Him. To work within a team to learn unity in Christ by encouraging, supporting, and building relationships through love and forgiveness. To aim for a lifestyle that evidences our faith and relationship with Christ in every aspect.


Rachel Ryan Co-Founder/Director | Russ Scalzo Co-Founder/Music Director
Stephanie Terry Assistant Director/Marketing & Promotion | Pastor James Bova Advisor
Nick Shevchenko Project Director | Lee Anne Stone Secretary | Pastor Chris Colletti Advisor